Hello to all ; It is time to start to move some things My wife and I had sold on EBay a few years ago but have not done so in some time we have the following if you know someone who might be interested M U S annuals 1927 and 1928 that is when the school was at Madison & Manassas around Forrest Park owner was Pipkin add in back for A E Pipkin insurance Central annual 1924 - Steve & Dean McFarland

Also we have paper wraps booklets from Central High School 1930 -31 and 32 I guess these came out every month ? like a school newspaper we have 12 issues we also have a 1934 Southwestern annual - Steve & Dean McFarland

Dr. Flinn ;

Here is the latest from Memory lane 

music from the 50's ; L P covers ; remember "Hi-Fi " ?

Rick Nelson ; from the teenage son on a T V series to teen idol

The Platters ; "Only You " lead singer , Tony Williams 

Bring back some memories ?

Steve & Dean McFarland Collection

Here is the rest of my movie house photos

McFarland collection

Lowe's State 2 ; Traffic safety week

Malco; the only one still standing downtown ; the grandest of all of them

Two away from downtown

Linden Circle and the Crosstown

I know that the Crosstown still stands



Use the photos if you want to

Do you have this one ?

Barksdale district Station 1936

I know that you have the vintage postcard

with the police mounted on horseback

when it was a mounted police station

For some reason the photo in the middle

a couple of people are "blacked out " on purpose  

McFarland Collection


Tri -State Fair Memphis

back when cotton was King

Sorry , someone spilled ink on the photo

It was that way when I bought it

Steve & Dean McFarland Collection

One of my Memphis favorites ; The Hotel Peabody We collect about anything related to the Peabody Back in 1995 when we still had an active postcard club in Memphis we put together this little booklet of Peabody items in out collections Peabody 1 ; the cover ; shows the original Peabody Hotel at Main & Union ; this building burned and in 1925 the current Peabody was rebuilt at it's new location Peabody 3 & 4 ; an original invitation to the Grand Opening 1925 Peabody 5 ; back then there was a separate " Ladies Parlor " How about the "Green Beetle " Café ? Peabody 8 ; 1933 Hard Times Ben Cox ; That was 1995 ; 70 years for the Peabody It is now 2015 ; It don't seem like 20 years ago for our little postcard club . I hope that you are doing well Best Wishes Steve & Dean McFaralnd

Charlie Rich before he got so famous he played this little night club in downtown Memphis in a parking garage across from Court Square on Second Street I think it was called the Night Lighter? John Knott would write about the night life in the newspaper Charlie was great in person The first drink of the night went on right on the piano by the end of the night , the empty glasses went from one end to the other Martin Willis who also played with Billy Lee Riley is on the horn this would have been the early 1960's McFarland Collection Steve

Any of you remember this one? McFarland Collection

Dr. Flinn;Here are a couple of early Elvis 45 RPM albums on R C A after he signed with them and was released from Sun Records McFarland Collection Shake , Rattle & Roll was a Joe Turner song Lawdy , Miss Clawdy was by Lloyd Price Elvis could cover the black artist songs Steve

Here is some old Billy Lee Riley material in my collection . Billy was a second level Sun Studio recording artist I M O under rated Billy Lee and his band ; The Little Green Men in the late 1950's was the weekend house band at the Starlight Supper Club in Frayser Jimmy Wilson ; piano Martin ( Marty ) Willis ; Sax J. M. Van Eaton ; drums Pat O'Neil ; Base hits ; "My Gal is Red Hot " " Flying Saucers ;Rock And Roll " Band group photo ; live on stage at the Starlight Supper Club 1950's color photo ; circa Oct 2002 ; Steve with The Late , Great Billy Lee Riley ; 50th Anniversary Concert of Sun Studio at the Gibson Guitar Factory Lounge

Here is an early Elvis magz 1956 .25 cents McFarland Collection

Elvis .25 and .35 cent ( price is now up by .10cents ) these 2 were news stand purchases The Atomic Powered is the Rare one it was not for sale on the news stands McFarland Collection

Dr. Flinn, Here are the first 5 records by Elvis on the Sun label Use them if you want to McFarland Collection the first Elvis record ; I did not yet have a driver's license ; must less a car I walked up to Hwy 51 and caught the bus from Millington NAS to Ellis Auditorium and walked from there down Main Street to Beale Street to the Home of the Blues record shop and waited for the first pressing to be delivered the first that came in were 78 RPM and I had just gotten a new 45 RPM R C A record player , so I had to wait a little longer for the 45's to get there # 223 " Mystery Train " the first recording of that song I have is by Little Junior Parker from West Memphis , Ark . if you look ; Parker co-wrote the song Steve

Here is an old photo of a young George Klein ( D J G K ) when he was working at the Millington radio station in the late 1950's I would go over after school and hang out and watch and listen as G K would play the records over the radio air waves One afternoon Elvis and his gang drove out in a long Cadillac limo to see G K I was glad to be there when it happened


here is another good one for you. Dean’s 75th birthday!.. You got the 50’s 4 minute video I sent with all the still photos about 3 days ago.. See you have it posted on SUNNY1240 but do not see that you put a comment out to the right side that I made to youm concerning it, about our East High School days..... Anyway, here is another one from a DJ friend of mine, Scooter Seagraves, an old Stuttgart, AR classmate of mine. Think you know him. He lives south of Branson at Diamond Lake, Arkansas. We both know Jack Parnell well, but you know THAT too! hi hi Have a good day! - Dr. Sanford Hutson

Dr. Flinn was talking about old Memphis Drive In's on his radio station some days ago 

Here is classic old Memphis postcard Fortune's Drive In

check out that little truck 

- Steve


The King of the Memphis Drive In's 

Where the couples would go and park to "make out"

this is for Dr. Flinn 

the top card is postmarked 1962 

53 years ago 

- Steve McFarland 

Wow! look at the Price of the ticket to see the Fab 4 ! and the other awesome artist!

- Connie Warren

Hi George, this our view from our ship, while listening to your station.  Not bad and home town memories at the same time.

- Jerry

"This is Dedicated to the One I Love"

I M O  their biggest , best hit of The 5 Royales and the theme song for Charles Turner and the Famous Vel-Tones at the Plantation Inn in West Memphis, Ark.

"Having Fun with Morris" is not on this album But for sure I have the 45 R P M single this album came from the Home of the Blues record shop 107 Beale St Ruben Cherry because Daddy-O-Dewey Phillips told me to buy my records there 

"Tell Tem Phillips sent you" 
$ 3.98 


McFarland collection

- Steve