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Dr. Flinn ; Here are a couple of photos for you of Pat Boone's visit to Memphis .

1. Pat Boone  with Ruben Cherry co-owner of 

   The Home of the Blues Record Shop on Beale St.

    That is were Daddy-O Dewey told us to buy our records .

    How about that Juke Box ?  Compliments of Southern Amusement Co.

     Photo by E H Jaffe


2. Pat Boone with on the left ; Miss Barbaro , buyer for the Goldsmith's  

     record department ; on the right Mrs. Cherry ; Ruben's mother 

     co -owner Home of the Blues record Shop 

     photo by Jaffe

3.  Pat Boone with big band leader Ted Weems who 's best

     known song was " Heartaches " Ted Weems must have been 

     in town playing at one of our hotels . Ted Weems passed away 

      may 6, 1963 . The photo has to pre-date 1963 

     photo by Jaffe 

Steve McFarland 



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