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Memphis Movie houses downtown Memphis 1950's

Dr. Flinn ;

I knew that I had these and just found them filed away


Warner 1 ; check out that Ford with the Sun roof

and  a small Pop Tunes record shop to the left

seems I remember at one time the D J Bob Neil

and his sons had that small record shop

about the time Elvis got started ; maybe Pop Tunes

had it later ?

Lowe's Palace ; and it what those old movie houses were

like inside . I loved to walk around inside of them after the movie

and see just how grand they were . 57 Chevy in front


seems maybe the reason for these photos is that in the 1950's

Memphis had several Nations titles

Cleanest city

Quietest city

and I see signs that the movie houses were helping to promote

these weeks ; along with Safety Week  


Strand 2 ; Planters Peanut shop to the left

Cashews .39 cents per pound

remember the Peanut man would stand outside

and give you a sample ? I always went in and bought some .

That was the idea .

McFarland collection



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