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One of my Memphis favorites ; The Hotel Peabody We collect about anything related to the Peabody Back in 1995 when we still had an active postcard club in Memphis we put together this little booklet of Peabody items in out collections Peabody 1 ; the cover ; shows the original Peabody Hotel at Main & Union ; this building burned and in 1925 the current Peabody was rebuilt at it's new location Peabody 3 & 4 ; an original invitation to the Grand Opening 1925 Peabody 5 ; back then there was a separate " Ladies Parlor " How about the "Green Beetle " Café ? Peabody 8 ; 1933 Hard Times Ben Cox ; That was 1995 ; 70 years for the Peabody It is now 2015 ; It don't seem like 20 years ago for our little postcard club . I hope that you are doing well Best Wishes Steve & Dean McFaralnd


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