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Dr. George Flinn,

I met you at a Ham Radio breakfast meeting in Bartlett.  

You do have many interests, and in researching, 

I found you are well qualified. 


I understand that you are Running for Senator 

and I will probably vote for you.


However, TODAY, 

I am voting for you as 

The Man of the Year in Memphis Media,

because of your great contributions 

to the Memphis Media Radio Scene. 


Your approach 

to making Radio a Human Sharing experience 

is so very Refreshing. 


No other stations have attracted nor exhibited 

such a great and active participation by the Listening Audience. 


One message that continually comes through 

is that our Memories of Living in Memphis are a Great Experience 

and our memories need to be shared.  


Combining that "historical perspective" in the Radio Message 


the airing of many of "the songs of  our younger years"  

is a tremendous  Gift to the City of Memphis.  


So, here is a toast to a great achiement , to George Flinn, 


The Man of the Year in Memphis Media 


- Glen Ellis


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