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Remember when it was just as Big or Bigger than the Mid-South Fair!!


We got out of school for the Cotton Carnival every year too and each school sent a 6th grade girl and boy as prince and princess and 2 First graders as Paiges.

The teacher selected the Boys and girls based on good grades and Conduct! You got to get your picture made with the King and Queen of the Cotton Carnival and some rode on the Parade Floats, remember there was a parade every year!!

Well,  Rex ,of course,  (Mr. Perfect conduct!!) and Captain of the Safety Patrol! was picked in the 6th grade, from Delano Elementary. Here is a picture of him and a girl named Susan Campbell at Crump Stadium, they took the  group pictures there of all the Carnival Court with the King and Queen! we have a group Picture too, I just have to find it! LOL!!

It was exciting to go to the Cotton Carnival rides down on Riverside Drive! We do have so much History here from the Cotton Industry!! as you said, Go to the Cotton Museum if you have not been!!

Your Radio Friends , Connie and Rex

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