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George, several years ago when I found Sunny 1210 the music you played brought out a desire I had suppressed since my teen years when Elvis was just getting started (one of my best friends was the 6th cousin of Elvis) which was to play drums and sing. I started taking drum lessons from Coley Stokes but soon after choices I made led me down another road filled with years of searching for fulfillment in numerous jobs and professions and not realizing I was only looking for  the very thing I wanted as a teen.

The last 20 years I have concentrated mostly on my health mainly cutting out pleasure foods and living by my strictest rule of "If it's not good for my body it does not go in my mouth". If I could have a nickname it would be Organic as a good portion of my limited budget goes to health products. I overcame serious health problems and 40 years of smoking.

With all that said I have the energy and health to pursue my lifelong dream of singing, learning to play the piano and drums (I was saddened to learn of Hal Blaine passing away) like many of the great singers and songs of the past. I am inspired by a very large variety of the old songs of love, meaning and I really like the novelty ones. As a  self taught singer I'm pretty rough around the edges and could really benefit from voice lessons that my budget will not allow at this time.

I am attaching a MP3 of Green Green Grass of Home I recorded because it was one of the first songs I heard on Sunny 1210 that I just had to learn to sing. To show some of the variety of the kind of songs I prefer here are several others I recorded: Donna, Take My Hand Precious Lord, I Can't Stop Loving You, Wind Beneath My Wings, I Can't Help Falling Love In Love, Man Of Constant Sorrow and Wildwood Weed (not heard on sunny 1210) and I'm presently working on Elvis' version of If I Can Dream, Boll Weevil and Honey.

There are about 30 other great songs I want to work on including more novelties like Haunted House, Monster Mash, Little Red Riding Hood, Werewolves of London and Hello Mudduh, Hello Fadduh. This is all about me doing now what I truly love doing.

I sincerely want to thank you George for giving me the inspiration through your music to do that that I love. You touch a lot of people in special ways and I'm thankful you touched me.

Regular Caller,
South Side Tommy

PS - That guy talking like a hillbilly about The Beverly Hillbillies' Jed, Grannie, Ellie Mae and Jethro sung by Lester Flats and Earl Scrubs was just me playing around, I hope you don't mind.

PPS - My fantasy dream is to have a band called "The Rockin Rollers " playing "Golden Oldies from a Past Era" and doing all the old songs others don't.    

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