SUNNY RADIO plays your favorite music & memories of the Mid-South. Classic Songs from Artists that touched the Hearts of Generations... Music As Cool Now As It Was Then...

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Lemco Crystal Set, manufactured by the Lemco Equipment Company, San Francisco, CA, 1918.

Fada, Model #119, manufactured by the Fada Radio Company, Long Island, NY, 1946.

Webster Radio Appartus, Model 2A, manufactured by the Webster Electric Company, Racine WI — Mfd date: unknown.

General Electric, Model #A-53, 1936.

RCA Victor, Model 16X11, AM/SW, Manufactered by the RCA Manufacturing Company, Canden, NJ, 1942.

Crosley, Model E-15WE, Manufactured by Crosley Radio Corp, Cincinnati, OH, 1953.

RCA Victor Model #PX-600 (Blue Portable) Manufactured 1952 by RCA Victor, Camden, NJ.

RCA Victor Model #BX-55 (Brown Portable) Manufactured 1955 by RCA Victor, Camden, NJ.

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