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SUNNY RADIO plays your favorite music & memories of the Mid-South. Classic Songs from Artists that touched the Hearts of Generations... Music As Cool Now As It Was Then...

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Here's a positive poetic message that fits our present times.
- Southside Tommy

The Frico 1351 crossing Southern heading to it's home for many years at the Fairgrounds. This loco is being "walked" with the tracks behind it placed in the front of it. Today, the 1351 resides in the Collierville town square.

Here is the MP3 by the Mystic Moods Orchestra I told George I'd sent. - SouthSide Tommy 

The old Lakeland Speed Bowl that opened in 1960. It was North of the interstate on Canada Road. I believe there's a church there now.

The black car is my dad's 40 Ford coupe. 

Hi George.  My name is Connie Simpson.  I live in Nashville but grew up in Memphis.  My husband, Richie Simpson (now passed away) played drums for both of these groups for years.  He was also a photographer.  He and I took and developed these pictures.  If you can use them on your site, please let me know.  He was the drummer on "Sally's Got a Good Thing".  He was also the staff drummer at TMI Recording Studio and worked for Steve Cropper and Jerry Williams.  Please let me know what you think.  Thank you so much!  PS I listen to your station everyday and absolutely love it!  I met you years ago at "Millington Beautiful". 


Dad’s 1950 Chevy didn’t have fender skirts or whitewalls…only a radio and heater. Images via Hemmings archives.

As Dinah Shore belted out “See the USA in your Chevrolet,” I felt pride in Dad’s 1950 Chevy while it bumped along New Jersey two-lanes, my friends and I jawing on chewing gum in the backseat.

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