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SUNNY RADIO plays your favorite music & memories of the Mid-South. Classic Songs from Artists that touched the Hearts of Generations... Music As Cool Now As It Was Then...

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I just found an item from Tech High Reunion in 1985 of the 1955,  they invited 1956 to this reunion that was my husbands year. This was the program, placement? It’s material not paper

Hi George, here's some pics of Elvis' home on Audubon Dr, taken Dec. 2020 - recently updated.

My dad's business, Toma Steel designed and built the ornamental iron work on the gate and fence/lamp covers.

Randy Toma


World's Guinness record holder from hometown of Sunny listener Dale Bregenzer, a Sunny Radio fan he was right at 9 feet tall. - bigger than "big bad john" 

The first color television set in America sold for $1175.    Slightly less than the price of a new CAR.   Hardly any television broadcasts were available in color until the mid sixties.  The important thing to appreciate now,   is that the price of that TV today would have to be over ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS in order to represent the same amount of buying power in devalued US currency.

George, Rex bought this at Woolco on Jackson in Memphis in the 1960's. Mint condition Vinyl.

Hey George!  This is Connie Simpson in Nashville though I grew up in Memphis.  Thank you for posting the pics of the Memphis Counts with Bobby Widlake. 

George, front, back, and inside of WHBQ SURVEY DECEMBER 10th 1975. It's from Connie and Rex. Boo!! My autograph  pic of the best "Monster of Ceremonies  ever!! Hi George.  This is my picture for  your book. Volume 2. Connie Warren

Arlington, Tn Trezvant  High School . Thanks! 

Keith Payne, Overton High 1987., Varsity Baseball, Varsity Baseball, Choir, Marketing, Drama Club.... Currently a Memphis Police Officer (23 Years) 

Gene "Shep" Shepard, Nicholas Blackwell "Bartlett" high school, class of 1955.

View of sunset over Mississippi River.  Just a half a mile from the Mississippi Bridge (from the line in "Memphis Tennessee" song)

Boo!! My autograph  pic of the best "Monster of Ceremonies"  ever!!

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Doctor Flinn this is a 1968 Ford Mustang I purchased it when it was new and I still have it 

George! Look at my cool retro  radio  I just got.  You and the music sounds great on it! Connie 

I called 6:50 p.m. May 30, 2020 regarding "MR BINGLE", the snow man marionette brought to Memphis for Christmas display in department store window downtown Main Street in the 1940s.  There was also a T V show in Memphis with "MR BINGLE".  When I  was about 8 or 9 years old, I had studied how to make marionettes from the Encyclopedia and made several cloth, stuffed with cotton, marionettes.  My mother got in touch with the originator and operator of "MR. BINGLE", and she asked me to come on the TV show to help operate the marionettes.  I was too bashfull, timid, to go on the show.  What a wonderful opportunity I missed!  My son gave me a "MR. BINGLE" figure for Christmas years ago, and I treasure it, since he has  passed away.  See pic of my "MR BINGLE".      Rose Mary Rolen Norfleet 


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