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On the morning of June 6, 1944, Allied forces staged an enormous assault on German positions on the beaches of Normandy, France. The invasion is often known by the famous nickname “D-Day,” yet few people know the origin of the term or what, if anything, the “D” stood for. Most argue it was merely a redundancy that also meant “day,” but others have proposed everything from “departure” to “decision” to “doomsday.” Why was it called D-Day?


Complete D-Day Broadcasts:

From 73 years ago this month: hear the original full day broadcast from the day of the invasion June 6th, 1944 including news bulletins, comedy and variety shows. These recordings illustrate the response on the American home front to the Normandy Landings called "the greatest invasion in the history of the world." Old Time Radio Show


Old Time Radio Memory: 

Listening to the Complete Broadcast of the D-Day radio broadcasts of June 6, 1944 brought a flood of memories to me, but I have never heard them before. That may sound strange. I was right in the middle of the D-Day Invasion -- witness to one of the most important military events of our age yet had limited information. We only knew what we could see and hear and feel in our immediate surroundings. We received briefings from senior military but only what we needed to know... Read More

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