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I saw you at the Church, but I was unable to go out to Shelby Farms.

I met Lynn when I was 9 and played on a baseball team of 10-12 year olds that included Lynn, Jerry, Lee Harber, Charles Kelly, and Doug Strawn, later from Central . He was always a nice guy and his parents were lovely people.

In about 1973, I was living in Nashville and drove here for a weekend visit . About halfway home I was struck with a kidney stone attack and my Father in Law drove me straight to the Baptist ER. I was in agony, but they would not give me any pain relief without a referring Physician. Since I lived in Nashville, I did not have one here and was suffering greatly. At that time I heard a page for Dr. Lynn Conrad and without a clue as to what his specialty was, I asked the Nurse to ask Dr. Conrad to come in and see me. He did and gave me a shot for the pain and became my Urologist from that point on.

He took great delight in having a great looking Nurse ( of which there were many ) always give me any shot I needed in my hip with pants down at the Nurse's Station in full view of all assembled .

He will be missed.



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