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As one of your on-air requests is for listeners to call in re: their 1st. car. I authored this article, a few years ago, in my monthly newsletter Smoke Signals,which I send to my CHS'63 classmates. Obviously, I can't call this in, but I thought you'd get a kick from it. Bob Pepper C.A.F.E. promo champ


Speaking of romantic cars, we were, weren’t we?   All guys fondly remember their first car and that first “Romantic Interlude” in the back seat. My first car was a 1962 Corona Cream Chevrolet Corvair Monza 900, bought brand new off the Hohen  Chevrolet showroom floor for about $2700. I had agreed to repay my folks at a rate of $15 a week with the proviso that mom could drive it to her beauty salon on Saturday mornings. Since I had a job at Baker Bros. Supermarket earning about  $25 a week, no sweat. 

I was so proud of that car, notwithstanding the fact that Ralph Nader had labeled it “Unsafe At Any Speed”. As guys are wont to do, I immediately began making minor customizations. Chrome around the door edges, dual exhausts with chrome tips, a chrome ball on the shift lever. Buddy even stitched ‘piping’ in some Naugahyde that we then used to covered the rear package tray.  

It was not only cool, but also decently fast, when it was running. Corvairs were not the most reliable of cars, even by ’62 standards.  Being a two-door coupe, it was one of the smallest vehicles of its time, which brings us to the back seat.  

Naugahyde was an unforgiving seating surface, especially in cold weather, especially on bare flesh. Add to this the extremely cramped accommodations that the Corvair’s rear seat afforded, a back-seat romp was not for the weak or timid. Participants had to be not only determined, but an extremely randy contortionist. This proved to be no problem, since most 17 year-old boys are sperm bombs, any discomfort would be short-lived. Thankfully, I was alone at the time, which greatly simplified things. Didn’t see that one coming did you? – ed



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