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Piggly Wiggly Turns 100

Piggly Wiggly®, America's first true self-service grocery store, was founded in Memphis, Tennessee Sept 6, 1916 by Clarence Saunders

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MSU Jacket

George I'm the one who called in about MSU day Sept.16. I promised to send a picture of my MSU jacket and here it is.

- T. Cox


Humor from the past

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Your Life In Old Pictures

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Wink Martindale's Top 100 Christmas Hits of All Time

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning on SUNNY 1210

Wink Martindale's "Top 100 Christmas Hits of All Time." 

Eight hours of songs compiled from Billboard and Cashbox Top Hits Listings. Mariah Carey, the Lettermen, Bryan Adams, Bing Crosby, Amy Grant, Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley – they are all there, and more, and for fun, there are novelty hits from Stan Freberg and Spike Jones.

Monk Memphis, Tenn.

Dr. Flinn ; I heard you talk about " Monk "  on your radio station Sunny1210 Callers asked you about him . I told you that I would send you these  great photos of Monk in our collection . photo Monk 1 is the way that he was always dressed  when I would  see him in downtown Memphis  mostly in the Hotel Peabody area . No matter what time of year , he always wore  several shirts  and the coat that you see , held together with a safety pin . A pocket chain with keys and a  lub. He was always O K  Monk 2 & 3 photos ; I wish I knew , he is dressed in top hat , tux and dress cane . I can not I D the ladies in the photos . Photos by Lou Lowry  1396 Vance Ave  Steve & Dean McFarland collection 

Monk's real name was Tony Cassatta . He died in Oct. 1979 at age 74  I heard that he was struck by a car . for more information there was an article  about him in one of the  .  1979 issues  of Memphis Magazine 

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Fairgrounds Baseball Diamonds


I have heard some talk about the baseball and softball diamonds that were at the Fairgrounds in the 50's and 60's and I thought I would put in my two cents worth.

As I recall, there several diamonds there over the years and they were numbered in the order that they were built. This could lead to some confusion later as diamonds were added and they were not renumbered. The smaller fields were used as baseball fields for Junior League baseball and for softball games at night under the lights while the two bigger parks were used for High School and American Legion games as well as Senior league play.

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TV host ‘Happy Hal’ artwork

TV host ‘Happy Hal’ artwork gets belated showing with exhibit, sale

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Basketball in the Casino

I heard Martha from Tech 67 talking about the Casino hosting youth dances on the weekends and having the glow ball over the dance floor. I never saw that configuration or use , but from 1960-1962 I played basketball in the Casino every Sat morning through the winter basketball season.*

I had been a stalwart at Bellevue Jr High and had an eye on playing for Coach Malcolm Phillips at Central. I was working out with the team all Summer and then lo and behold, Coach Phillips was promoted to AD and Coach at Southside and was replaced by Elmore Fortner just before school started. Coach Fortner was the biggest sociopath that I ever had the displeasure of meeting and within a short month killed any desire to play for him at Central that I might have ever had. He took tough love to a whole new dimension.

Now, I was a basketball vagabond and was approached by Robert Johns and William Lea to come join some of my Bellevue teammates and play for St Mary's Cathedral in the Episcopal league. So Bob Watkins, Kelly Biles, Thomas Boggs and I formed the nucleus of a 3 year dynasty at St. Mary's and we played the bulk of our games at the Casino. The sororities also played in that building, but they always played in the afternoon after school.

Our Junior year, we were invited to play the  St. Andrews Boys School at Monteagle as a prelude to a Sewanee game. It was Ray Charles at mid winter party weekend so how could we refuse?

Our senior year of 62, High School Henry began to attend our games, duck call and all. It seemed that he and his brother who looked after him lived on Goodbar near the Biles family and heard about us from them. He added quite a bit of color to the crowd. By then we were full time party animals as well as basketball stars and more than once we would change from our party clothes into our uniforms in the car for an 8 am  game. We actually won the championship game in the tournament that year with only 4 players in the whole 4th quarter, but that is another tale for another time.

A man named Ott Anderson ran the Casino for the Park Commission and he assured me in about 1965 that I still held the scoring record for that building.

Memphis Saturday Night

George, I bought this album in Seattle at a rare records shop a few years ago just because it was such a unique collection of Memphis music. I was surprised to see the photo of the McDonald’s on the cover as well as the rare photos of the artists including Wink Martindale, Dewey Phillips and Harry Fritzius on the back. The photo is sharp enough that you should be able to read all the notes. The photo of the McDonald’s is credited to Colin Escott and gives the location as Northgate Plaza 1959. Enjoy, Robert Vaughn

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Mr. Bingle

Jingle, jangle, jingle

Here comes Mr. Bingle

With another message from Kris Kringle

Time to launch your Christmas season

Maison Blanche makes Christmas pleasin'

Gifts galore for you to see

Each a gem from MB!

Album Cover

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Plantation Inn - West Memphis, AR

Dr. Flinn ; I took this early color photo at the Plantation Inn , West Memphis , Ark. June 14 , 1958 " Having Fun with Morris " I have heard you talk about Charles Turner on your radio station Sunny 1210 A M Here he is the lead vocal singer Charles Turner with his back -up group " The Famous Vel - Tones " " This is Dedicated to the One I Love " originally done by the 5 Royales but preformed nightly at the P I -  Steve & Dean McFarland Collection