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SUNNY RADIO plays your favorite music & memories of the Mid-South. Classic Songs from Artists that touched the Hearts of Generations... Music As Cool Now As It Was Then...

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Found some of George Jeu’s books looking for his autographed cards he got signed by visiting cowboy’s that visited Memphis at the fairgrounds. Not sure what date 1970-1980 I will send one when I find

Could any of your model airplanes do this George?

- Southside Tommy

Remember a time when many of us built model planes out of balsa wood?  This 2.5 min video shows an electric plane model with reversing props, but this is unbelievable.  He's defying the laws of aerodynamics.  And, yes, he won the competition!

This according to Indian Legend is a likeness of the”Piasa Bird", originally painted on the bluff overlooking the Mississippi River at Alton, Illinois, the hometown of Sunny Radio Listener Dale Bregenzer this was originally depicted by the Indian tribe that inhabited the area & who put it on the bluff after slaying it with poison tipped arrows to stop it from swooping down & carrying off small children & small animals . The image was restored & maintained by the residents of Alton down through the years.

The original Indian painting by the Indians was fading, so Alton Residents restored it & have maintained it for many years. Google “Piasa Bird” for more info about this unique legend. Sunny Listener Dale Bregenzer 

Catholic high school marching band 1956. Rex's cousin is in the band. Christmas  parade.  Look at the stores in the background! 1956, love seeing the stores!

For the website. Love ya George Flinn!

Downtown Memphis 1956!

Mergatroyd!  Do you remember that word? Would you believe the spell-checker did not recognize the word Mergatroyd? Heavens to Mergatroyd!

My name is Teresa. I grew up in the Soulard neighborhood in Saint Louis Missouri. I remember tasty freeze ice cream trucks as a kid. Really miss those days.

Heard the lady with the great voice talking about her ‘57 Ford had to send you a picture of mine  

George, Rex bought this at Woolco on Jackson in Memphis in the 1960's. Mint condition Vinyl. George, Did we name this one on the radio? Good picture of the original Mars Bar! 

Johnny Crawford. Mark on The Rifleman Randy Boone young singer on the Cigna with Robert fuller Stand in for actors John T Wayne.  Grand son of the duke

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